title: 'Installing PuTTY'
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 ## Getting PuTTY{#download}
 Download the PuTTY installer (putty-0.63-installer.exe) at [PuTTY Download Page]( (The latest version as of October 2018 is PuTTY 0.70.)
 ## Installing PuTTY{#install}
 1. Start the PuTTY installer (putty-0.70-installer.exe), then click **Next**.
 2. At the **Destination Folder** window, select the location for installing PuTTY, and click **Next**.
 3. At the **Product Features** window, just click **Install**.
 4. At the **Select Additional Tasks** window, select the items you want to have, and click **Next**.
 5. An installation confirmation window appears. Confirm the settings and click **Install** to start installation.
 6. After the installation is completed, the **Completed the PuTTY Setup Wizard** window appears. Click **Finish** to finish the installation of PuTTY.