Version System A System B System C
2021.2.2 (default) AU AU
2021.0.2 AU AU
2020.1 AU AU
2020 AU AU
2019.2 AU AU
2018.1 AU AU
2017.2 AU AU
2017.1 AU AU
2016 AU AU

Key: AU = Available for academic users only, ― = Not available for use.

Modules software package dynamically adjusts the environment settings for using applications, by using the module command. It also makes changing the environment settings easy when switching between different versions of applications. For details, see Modules.

Version Module File
2021.2.2 adams/2021.2.2
2021.0.2 adams/2021.0.2
2020.1 adams/2020.1
2020 adams/2020
2019.2 adams/2019.2
2018.1 adams/2018.1
2017.2 adams/2017.2
2017.1 adams/2017.1
2016 adams/2016

You can see the list of module files available by using the module avail command.

Adams is a mechanism analysis software. By defining the initial conditions for the multi-body system(MBS) that is consists of multiple body elements(parts) and binding elements(joints), it simulates the energy or kinematic motion of each body element in chronological order.
Adams 2012 has integrated with MD Adams to supports MD Adams features.

Adams consists of general-purpose basic products and plugins that respond to analysis needs.

  • Basic applications for mechanism analysis
* Adams Solver (a solver for mechanistic model analysis)
* Adams View (a GUI for creating the mechanistic model)
* Adams Exchange(a function of CAD reading *intermediate)
  • Plugin for interdisciplinary area analysis
* Adams Control (a function of co-simulation with control system model)
* Adams Flex (an interface for creating an elastic body *available for entering the MSC Nastran Master DB)
* Adams Linear (a solver for eigenvalue computation *available for outputting the MSC Nastran BDF)
* Adams Vibration (a solver for frequency response computing of mechanistic model)
* Adams Durability(stress recovery function plus a interface for MSC Fatigue)
  • Plugin for automotive design
* Adams Car(running car analysis function)
* Adams Tire FTire(a tire for riding quality analysis)
* Adams Leafspring Toolkit (special tools for leaf spring design)
  • Plugin for mechanical design
* Adams Gear Advanced Technology Toolkit (special tools for elastic gear design)
* Adams Bearing Advanced Technology Toolkit (special tools for elastic bearing design)

Set up the environment by using the module command. (The module file you want is loaded.)

$ module load adams

To start Adams, enter the following command in the Exceed onDemand. For details of xrun , see Interactive Processing.

$ xrun mdi

  1. When executing xrun, specify the number of parallel threads by -A option.

ex1) use 4 parallel threads

$ xrun -A t=4:c=4 mdi

ex2) use 4 parallel threads and 10G memory

$ xrun -A t=4:c=4:m=10G mdi
  1. Also in Adams View window, before running a job, specify the number of threads.

[Simulation]->[Gear mark(Simulation Control)]->[Simulation Settings]->[More]->[Category] "Executable" ->[Thread Count] (type "4" to specify 4 parallel)

When using the Adams 2013 or later, please change the setting of graphics library to X11 by following the steps below:

  1. Right-click the MSC button on the Adams tool bar, then click “Start Registry Editor” to display the Registry Editor dialog box.
  2. In the Registry Editor dialog box, select “Aview” > “Preferences” > “Graphics” from the left menu.
  3. In the right of the dialog, select “X11” for “Graphics_Driver”, then click “OK”.

Menus of Adams/View can be viewed in Japanese to set an environment variable below when start up Adams.

$ setenv ADAMS_GUI_LOCALE japanese
$ setenv MDI_GUI_FONT_FAMILY -dt-gothic-bold-i-normal

$ export ADAMS_GUI_LOCALE=japanese
$ export MDI_GUI_FONT_FAMILY=-dt-gothic-bold-i-normal

Please note that even though Japanese display is successfully completed, a warning message is displayed about text font of Message Window.

Adams ドキュメント(MSC Software)

Adams Docs(MSC Software)

Adams(MSC Software)

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