Version System A System B System C
ENVI 5.6.0 sp1 (default) AU AU
ENVI 5.6.0 AU AU
ENVI 5.5.0 sp3 AU AU
ENVI 5.5.0 sp2 AU AU

Version System A System B System C
IDL 8.8.0 sp1 (default) AU AU
IDL 8.8.0 AU AU
IDL 8.7.0 sp3 AU AU
IDL 8.7.0 sp2 AU AU

Key: AU = Available for academic users only, ― = Not available for use.

ENVI/IDL is also provided by licensing service to install and use it your own computer.
For service details, see ENVI/IDL (licensing service).

You must register for use of ENVI/IDL via the User Portal.
Please read and agree to the related laws and regulations before registration.

Currently, Exelis Visual Information Solutions(Exelis VIS) which sales ENVI/IDL announced that these software products shall be used only if the consent of the software users to the Exelis VIS’ End User License Agreement and the Export Classification obtained, because these are restricted under laws and regulations regarding export control of the U.S. including the U.S. Export Administration Regulations(EAR).

These software products may not be downloaded, exported or re-exported to any country embargoed by the U.S., or a resident or entity of embargoed countries.
Please note that the U.S. Export Administration Regulations state that to disclose technology information or source code created by the U.S. to those persons who do not have Japanese nationality (except for those who have permanent residence), in Japan, is deemed to be a reexport to the home country or countries of the foreign national(a “deemed re-export”).

We would appreciate if you could understand and interpret this notice.

Modules software package dynamically adjusts the environment settings for using applications, by using the module command. It also makes changing the environment settings easy when switching between different versions of applications. For details, see Modules.

バージョン モジュールファイル名
ENVI 5.6.0 sp1 envi/56sp1
ENVI 5.6.0 envi/56
ENVI 5.5.0 sp3 envi/55sp3
ENVI 5.5.0 sp2 envi/55sp2
IDL 8.8.0 sp1 idl/88
IDL 8.8.0 idl/88sp1
IDL 8.7.0 sp3 idl/87sp3
IDL 8.7.0 sp2 idl/87sp2

You can see the list of module files available by using the module avail command.

ENVI is an integrated software application that analyzes and visualizes remote sensing data such as satellite pictures, air photos, radar images, and hyperspectral image. Its functions include importing various generic sensor data, image processing such as filtering, data categorization, and altitude data analysis. The user’s own algorithms can be added to ENVI using IDL.

In ENVI 5.0, the menus and options are consolidated into one interface. Thus, the GUI of ENVI 5.0 has been greatly changed from the previous version.
The GUI format of ENVI 4.8 or older version can be available as ENVI-Classic.

IDL is a programming language for measurement, experiment, numerical calculation, statistical analysis, simulation, and visualization, and used for data analysis, visualization, and application development. It can read data in various formats and provides its programmer with over 600 of processing functions and libraries. You can implement applications in IDL and distribute the implementation source code to other users.

  • Correct atmospheric conditions option: Atmospheric Correction Module

    The Atmospheric Correction Module provides two atmospheric correction modeling tools Quick Atmospheric Correction (QUAC) and FLAASH which based on MODTRAN4+.  
    It allows you to easily work out images free from atomospheric effects of moisture, oxygen, carbon dioxide, methane, ozone, and aerosol, etc.
  • Extract DEM option: DEM Extraction Module

    This tool allows you to easily extract a DEM (Digital Elevation Model) from a pair of images.  
    A DEM can be created from a pair of satellite images of the same location, so that DEM-based geomorphic analysis becomes possible for areas for which DEM data has not been available.

Meteorology and oceanography, environmental, forest and agricultural science(s), geomorphology and geology, (natural) resource probing, aerospace engineering/science, etc.

Remote sensing, cosmic science, medical images (or image processing), meteorology, etc.

To use ENVI, log in to the system in the Exceed onDemand.

Set the environment settings by using the module command. (The module file you want is loaded.)

$ module load envi

To start ENVI, enter the following command in the Exceed onDemand. For details of xrun , see Interactive Processing.

$ xrun envi

The ENVI Startup is displayed.

To start ENVI5.0 classic mode(only menu bar), enter the following command in the Exceed onDemand. For details of xrun , see Interactive Processing.

$ xrun envi -classic

To exit ENVI, enter the following command.

$ exit

Or, click Exit in the File menu of the menu bar. The prompt says “Terminate this ENVI Session?,” then select Yes to exit ENVI.

Set the environment settings by using the module command. (Download the module file you want.)

$ module load idl

To start IDL, enter the following command in the Exceed onDemand. For details of xrun , see Interactive Processing.

$ xrun idlde

Select File in the menu bar, then click Exit to exit IDL.

To start the CUI mode of IDL, enter the following command. For details of tssrun , see Interactive Processing.

$ tssrun idl

To exit IDL, enter the following command.

$ exit

To start the IDL online help, enter the following command.

$ idlhelp

Select File in the menu bar, then click Quit to quit the IDL online help.

We periodically offer programming seminars, and distribute the handouts.

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