Version System A System B System C
Maple 2022.0 (default) KU KU
Maple 2021.1 KU KU

Key: KU = Available for Kyoto University members only, ― = Not available for use.

Modules software package dynamically adjusts the environment settings for using applications, by using the module command. It also makes changing the environment settings easy when switching between different versions of applications. For details, see Modules.

Version Module File
Maple 2022 maple/2021.0
Maple 2021 maple/2021.1

You can see the list of module files available by using the module avail command.

Maple is a formula manipulation software product equipped with various mathematical commands and graphics functions.

  • Algebraic operations, formula manipulation
  • Display of 2D- or 3D-plotted graphs
  • Simple operation to use advanced and universal formula calculation functions
  • Management of calculation know-how by reproducible technical documents
  • Over 4000 calculation functions are provided as default

  • Visualization feature
  • Creation of a contour line and surface, an isosurface, and a vector field with arrows.
  • Streamline, particle tracing, and cross-sectional slicing.
  • Element shrink, volume rendering
  • Visual programming
  • Network editor
  • Object orientation
  • Graphics display

Set up the environment by using the module command. (The module file you want is loaded.)

$ module load maple

To start maple, enter the following command in the Exceed onDemand. For details of xrun , see Interactive Processing.

$ xrun xmaple

You can operate interactively in the worksheet screen shown in the center of the operation screen. The operation screen contains menu bar, tool bar, and context bar other than the worksheet.

To exit maple, select the File menu in the menu bar, then click Exit.

To start maple, enter the following command. For details of tssrun , see Interactive Processing.

$ tssrun maple

To exit maple, enter the following command.

$ quit

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