Version System A System B System C
2021.4 (default) AU AU
2021.2 AU AU
2021 AU AU
2019.1 AU AU
2019 AU AU
2018 AU AU
2017.0.3 AU AU
2017.0.3 classic AU AU
2017 AU AU
2016 AU AU

Key: AU = Available for academic users only, ― = Not available for use.

Modules software package dynamically adjusts the environment settings for using applications, by using the module command. It also makes changing the environment settings easy when switching between different versions of applications. For details, see Modules.

Version Module File
2021.4 patran/2021.4
2021.2 patran/2021.2
2021 patran/2021
2019.1 patran/2019.1
2019 patran/2019
2018 patran/2018
2017.0.3 patran/201703
2017.0.3 classic patran/201703_classic
2017 patran/2017
2016 patran/2016

2017.0.3 classic version has the old (2016 and before) user interface and the same function with 2017 version. 2017 version has a problem with keyboard mapping, so we recommend to use 2017.0.3 classic version. (2017.0.3 classic displays a warning window when boot, but the warning has no influence to the function of software.)

You can see the list of module files available by using the module avail command.

Patran is a function-rich, integrated-environment CAE pre- and post-software, which is easy to use for engineers who conduct simulations. It imports CAD forms accurately through its direct interface that supports major 3D CAD systems.
It also has high-standard mesh creation and visualization functions, as well as flexible customization capability.

  • Aerospace
  • Automobile
  • Shipbuilding
  • Medical

Set up the environment by using the module command. (The module file you want is loaded.)

$ module load patran

By configuring Patran, the job-management commands which are offered on the supercomputer system: qstat and qkill will compete with the Patran’s commands. Since the qstat and qkill are also offered as the jobstat and jobkill, please use the latter.

To start Patran, enter the following command in the Exceed onDemand. For details of xrun , see Interactive Processing.

$ xrun patran

Select File in the menu bar, then click Quit to exit Patran.

  1. When executing xrun, specify the number of parallel threads by -A option.

ex1) use 4 parallel threads

$ xrun -A t=4:c=4 patran

ex2) use 4 parallel threads and 10G memory

$ xrun -A t=4:c=4:m=10G patran

Also in the GUI window, before running a job, specify the number of threads. Note that the parallelization is effective for a fatigue calculation. The parallelization settings is ignored for the other types of calculation.

[Analysis]->[Solution Type]->[Solution Parameters]->[Fatigue Parameters]->[Number of Threads] (type "4" to specify 4 parallel)

Patran ドキュメント(MSC Software)

Patran Docs(MSC Software)

Patran(MSC Software)

We periodically offer programming seminars, and distribute the handouts.

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