Cray LibSci Library

Cray LibSci Library is a collection of numerical routines optimized for best performance on Cray systems.
Most LibSci components contain both single-processor and parallel routines, optimized specifically to make best use of Cray processors and interconnect architectures.

Cray LibSci Library contains the following general Scientific Libraries:

  • BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines)
  • BLACS (Basic Linear Algebra Communication Subprograms)
  • LAPACK (Linear Algebra routines)
  • ScaLAPACK (Scalable LAPACK)
  • FFT (Fast Fourier Transform Routines)

In addition, it contains three libraries developed by Cray.

  • IRT (Iterative Refinement Toolkit)
  • CASE (Cray Adaptive Sparse Eigensolvers)
  • CRAFFT (Cray Adaptive Fast Fourier Transform Routines)

Please note that FFTW is not included in the cray-libsci. If you want to use FFTW, please load the cray-fftw module (system A) or fftw module (system BC).

Version System A System B System C Supported Cray Compiler
20.03.1 + + + cce/9.1.3 or later
19.06.1 + cce/9.0.2 or later
19.03.1 + (default) cce/8.7.9 or later
18.07.1 + cce/8.7.6 or later
18.03.1 + cce/8.6.5 or later
17.12.1 + (default) + (default) cce/8.6.5 or later
17.09.1 + cce/8.6.3 or later
17.06.1 + cce/8.6.1 or later
16.11.1 + cce/8.1.5 or later
16.09.1 + + cce/8.1.5 or later
16.07.1 + cce/8.1.5 or later

+ : Available for use
― : Not available for use

Version Modulefile Name
20.03.1 cray-libsci/20.03.1
19.06.1 cray-libsci/19.06.1
19.03.1 cray-libsci/19.03.1
18.07.1 cray-libsci/18.07.1
18.03.1 cray-libsci/18.03.1
17.12.1 cray-libsci/17.12.1
17.09.1 cray-libsci/17.09.1
17.06.1 cray-libsci/17.06.1
16.11.1 cray-libsci/16.11.1
16.09.1 cray-libsci/16.09.1
16.07.1 cray-libsci/16.07.1

You can use the Cray LibSci Library when you log in to the System A. The default of the library’s version is shown in the listed above.

When logging in to the System B,C, the Intel compiler is set as default. Thus, to use the Cray LibSci Library, you need to switch the Intel compiler to the Cray LibSci Library by executing the following module command:

$ module switch PrgEnv-intel PrgEnv-cray

If you unloaded a module file, load the modulefile of the version you need by executing the module command as shown below. If the slash (/) and the version in the modulefile are omitted, the default version listed above will be set.

$ module load cray-libsci

For details on the module command, see Modules.

Link options are not required to especially be specified for use of Cray LibSci Library. Once the environment is set up, the necessary libraries are automatically linked.

$ ftn sample.f90

  • Cray Application Developer’s Environment User’s Guide

    Chapter 5 describes about Cray LibSci libraries.

  • The man command allows you to refer to each description of numerical calculation libraries.


The release notes for CCE 8.6 and later are not provided in book style. Please type $ module help cray-libsci/ to see the release note for each version.

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