IMSL Library

IMSL Fortran library is a Fortran subroutine library for scientific computing, and contains over 1000 functions of numerical calculation, statistical analysis, and special functions. It provides a comprehensive set of algorithms of IMSL products for Fortran, including IMSL F90 library, IMSL FORTRAN 77 library, and IMSL parallel processing features. It delivers an easy-to-operate interface provided by LAPACK, ScaLAPACK, and SuperLU.

A time-consuming algorithm such as matrix operations, linear system, eigensystem analysis, or fast fourier transform(FFT) is processed in parallel on all sorts of SMP systems. And it makes a great enhancement to a large-scale problem.

It also maintains downward compatibility with all older version of IMSL Fortran libraries, and allows users to use an application source code of older version without modification. You can also use routines stored in IMSL FORTRAN 77 library with Fortran 77 syntax.

Version System A System B System C
2018.0 (default) AU AU
7.1 AU AU

+ : Available for all users
AU : Available for academic users only
― : Not available for use

Version Compiler Modulefile Name
2018.0 Intel imsl/fnl2018.0-intel
7.1 Intel imsl/fnl710-intel

When you use the IMSL Library in the System B and C, you need to use the Intel compiler. Execute the module command as shown below.

$ module load imsl/fnl701-intel

For details of the module command, see Modules.

The necessary link options are set as environment variables by setting the environment. Use the environment variables to compile.

Type Option Description
Compiler $FC Fortran Compiler
Compile Option $F90FLAGS Compile Option for Fortran90
Link Option $LINK_FNL Static library (Non-parallelized)
" $LINK_MPIS Static library (MPI parallelized)
  • Example of compiling and linking

    $ ifort $F90FLAGS sample.f90 $LINK_FNL      (Non-parallelized System B,C)
    $ mpiifort $F90FLAGS sample.f90 $LINK_MPIS  (MPI parallelized System B,C)

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