NAG Library

NAG Library is a software library of high-reliability scientific computing and statistical computing, contains more than 1000 functions. The NAG Fortran SMP Library for SMP & Multicore, and the NAG Parallel Library for distributed memory parallelization are both available.

Version System A System B System C
Mark 26 : SMP version AU AU
Mark 24 (default) : SMP version AU AU
Release 3 (default): MPI version AU AU

AU: Available for academic users only
― : Unavailable

Version Modulefile Name
Mark 26 : SMP version nag_smp/26_intel
Mark 24 (default) : SMP version nag_smp/24_intel
Release 3 (default) : MPI version nag_para/3_intel

When you use the NAG Library, you need to use the Intel compiler. For the environment settings of it, see Intel Compiler.

Load the the modulefile of the version you need by executing the module command as shown below. If the slash (/) and the version in the modulefile are omitted, the default version listed above will be set.

(When using SMP version)
$ module load nag_smp 
(When using MPI version)
$ module load nag_para

Both environments of SMP version and MPI version cannot be set simultaneously. If you want to switch the environment, please execute the module command as shown below.

$ module switch nag_smp nag_para

For details on the module command, see Modules.

The necessary link options are set as environment variables by setting the environment. Use the environment variables to link NAG Library when transforming.


  • Example of compiling and linking

    $ ifort  sample.f90 $NAGLINK (for System B andC)
  • Example of execution

    $ tssrun ./a.out

Sample programs for most NAG routines are provided. Please copy and use the files in the following directory.

  • System B and C (SMP)

    file path
    source code /opt/app/nag_for_smp/22/fsl6i22dcl/examples/source
    input data /opt/app/nag_for_smp/22/fsl6i22dcl/examples/data
    results /opt/app/nag_for_smp/22/fsl6i22dcl/examples/results
  • System B and C (MPI)

    file path
    source code /opt/app/nag_para/3/fdl6i03dcl/examples/source
    input data /opt/app/nag_para/3/fdl6i03dcl/examples/data
    results /opt/app/nag_para/3/fdl6i03dcl/examples/results

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