Execution of GUI Application

This section explains the use cases of using GUI applications installed on the system.

How to connect to the system with Exceed onDemand.

In order to use GUI application on Windows, it is necessary to enable a function called PuTTY port forwarding. Please set up PuTTY, log in with PuTTY, and connect with Exceed onDemand following the procedure on the site below.

Login with Exceed onDemand

In order to use GUI applications on Mac and Linux, it is necessary to add an option to enable a function called port forwarding when logging in from a terminal. Please log in from the terminal following the procedure on the site below, and then connect with Exceed onDemand.

Login with Exceed onDemand

The start command for each application can be referenced from the following page.


The basic flow is “Loading the execution environment with the module load command” → “Launching the application with the xrun command” on the Exceed onDemand console. (For CUI application, use the "tssrun" command instead of "xrun")

If you are using personal course or group course, you can specify a queue using -q option.
In addition, the execution time by the xrun command is 1 hour by default, but by adding -W option, continuous execution is possible up to the upper limit value in the table below. However, many users share the computing node which accepts the xrun command, so it may take time to start execution.

Service course Default value Upper limit value
Entry course (Including the case where no queue is specified) 1:00 (1 hour) 24:00 (24 hours)
Personal course 1:00 (1 hour) 168: 00 (168 hours)
Group course, Organization Fixed Rate, HPCI, JHPCN 1:00 (1 hour) 336: 00 (336 hours)

Example: When using ENVI for 4 hours

# Load module
module load envi

Execute #ENVI
xrun -W 4: 0 envi

#When ENVI is executed with a queue specified
xrun -q gr19999 -W 4: 0 envi

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