Installing Exceed onDemand

An update module (13.8.12) for Exceed onDemand client is needed. Please apply the module after installing Exceed onDemand.

If you want to use the Exceed onDemand in Mac OS X 10.8 or leter, please check here

OS Version Update
Windows(32/64) 13.8.12 2021/06/04
Mac 2021/06/04
Linux(32/64) 2021/06/04

First, download the installation file from here, and then decompress it.

  1. Start the the Setup.exe program. Open Text Exceed onDemand Client 8 -Open Text Setup Wizard appears, click 次へ(Next).

2. Upgrade it to version 8 if your current version is Exceed onDemand 7.
Select 旧バージョンの製品を削除します(Uninstall previous version), and then click 次へ(Next).

  1. A license agreement message appears, read it and select 同意します(Agree), and then click 次へ(Next).

  1. Enter your user information and click 次へ(Next).

  1. Select an installation location (as usual, keep the default) and click 次へ(Next).

  1. A custom setup window appears. Set up as necessary (as usual, keep the default) and click 次へ(Next).

  1. An installation option window appears, just click 次へ(Next).

  1. The Ready to Install window appears, click インストール(Install) to start installation.

  1. When the installation finishes,a setup wizard complete message appears. Click 完了(Finish) to complete the installation of Exceed onDemand.

An update module needs to be applied to your Exceed onDemand client.

If the problem occurs after applying the above update module, please try applying the update module of the previous version (

Nothing to do for Mac and Linux users.

1. Download "EoD_Client_13812(32bit or 64bit you want).zip" , then unzip it.
The file is copied to the Exceed onDemand 8 client directory (that contains the ExceedonDemand.exe), the fixed module is applied.

If you don’t specify(change) the installation location of the client directory, the directory is created in the following location by default:

  • C:\Program Files\Hummingbird\Connectivity\Exceed onDemand Cliet 8

2. Start Exceed onDemand and then select “ヘルプ(Help)” > “Exceed onDemand Clientについて(About Exceed onDemand Client).”
Version:13.8.12 ” indicates that the fixed module is successfully installed.

If the User Account Control(UAC) is enabled in Windows Vista or 7, enable the module in “管理者として実行(Run as administrator).” Alternatively, extract the file to another location, and then overwrite the following created files manually in the client directory.

  • ExceedonDemand.exe
  • EoDConfig.*.nls
  • EoDRes.*.nls
  • EoDXstartRes.*.nls
  • libeay32.dll
  • ssleay32.dll

To use the EoD client on Mac OS X 10.8 or later, install XQuarts on Mac. And then after starting up X11 included in XQuartz, EoD client will be available.

Please note that in some environments XQuartz 2.7.10 and later may cause a problem that EoD and some GUI apps cannot run. That problem can be avoided by either of the following workarounds.

  1. Use XQuartz 2.7.8
  2. In the terminal window on MacOSX, type the following command, then use XQuartz 2.7.10 and later
defaults write org.macosforge.xquartz.X11 enable_iglx -bool true

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