Recommended SSH & FTP tools

PuTTY is a terminal emulator that supports SSH protocol.
It is a free software that is distributed under the MIT license, it is available for download from PuTTY website.

For the Japanese-speaking user, there is PuTTY ごった煮版 with additional features and including Japanese language support.
For how to install PuTTY, see Installing PuTTY.

WinSCP is a SCP client to transfer files using SSH protocol, it is available for download from WinSCP website.
For how to install WinSCP, see Installing WinSCP.

Exceed onDemand is a PC X server software that allows you to run X Window applications on UNIX and Linux hosts.
In Exceed onDemand, traffic is reduced using a data compression technique. It allows users to get fast remote access.

For how to install Exceed onDemand, see Installing Exceed onDemand.

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