Installing WinSCP

Download the Installation Package from the WinSCP website. (The latest version as of October, 2018 is WinSCP 5.13.4)

  1. Start the WinSCP installer (winscp-5.13.4-setup.exe) that you downloaded.
  1. A Welcome screen is shown at the beginning of setup procedure. To continue click Next.

  2. Review the License Agreement and accept the terms of this agreement. Click Next:

  1. You will be prompted to select a setup type. Check if the Typical installation is marked and click Next:

  1. You will be prompted for Initial user settings . Select your preferred user interface style, either Commander or Explorer. These can be easily changed later. In this example, select the Commander , and click Next:

  1. Review the installation settings you have selected. Click Install to start the installation.

  2. After finished installing WinSCP, a completion screen opens. Click Finish to exit Setup.

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